In our warehouses a wide variety of parts for most popular BMW and MINI models are available. Currently our offer consists of more than 20 000 spares to different BMW and MINI models. Beginning from engines and gearboxes, ending with small sensors. Everything can be found so whatever is needed feel free to contact us and check the availability. Buying from us is also safe as all our parts are tested before being offered. There might be a possibility that there is something wrong with the part but you do not need to worry about it as a 30 day warranty is given on all our items apart from engines, gearboxes and differentials which are sold with 90 day warranty!

Engines are offered in different options. A bare or a complete engine can be purchased with all the ancillaries. What is more, it is also possible to buy an engine with a new timing chain kit installed by our skilled mechanics. As a result 4 different options are available from one engine in competitive prices! Engines with following codes N46, N43, N52, M47N2, M57, M57N, N47 and more can be found in our stock.
If you are looking for a gearbox or a differential please check our offer. Many of them are available and most likely we have a suitable one for your car. There are many different types of gearboxes or differentials and it is easy to buy incorrect one. If you are not sure which one to buy we are always happy to help! We would be pleased to check compatibility for you to be 100% sure that you obtain correct item for your car.
A customer can encounter some difficulties when buying used suspension in a quite good condition. Our suspension parts are at least in a moderate condition. It is not common to buy from us a single suspension part as we prefer to sell complete suspension legs which include damper, spring, wheel hub, brake disc and calliper, control arms, etc. However, you can always ask if a particular part from suspension can be purchased separately.
Many original body parts for popular BMW AND MINI models are available in our offer. They are in original condition which means that they are not painted, repaired etc. unless it was stated differently. All scratches, dents and any other damages are marked so a customer can clearly see what they receive if they decide to purchase the specific item. Doors can be bought complete with all ancillaries (glass, lifter, handle etc.) or just only the shell.
If your seats are worn out  or you want to change/upgrade them, our shop is the right place! Many sets of seats are available for sell in various styles. Cloth, fabric, half-leather, leather or even alcantara seats, heated, non-heated, sport, standard, whatever you want, can be found in our store! There is always something to choose from! If you search just for one single seat you can also check our stock or contact us as we have also single seats in offer.
We understand how wheels are important for overall car’s look, many people seek for something better looking to fit their cars. Car enthusiasts are also important customers for us and we have for them completely refurbished genuine alloy rims as complete sets of four or single ones.
In our offer a customer can find a large range of sensors, modules or control units. A wide selection of this assortment can be overwhelming. Whatever you need, one of many sensors, module which you have never heard about before or even a starter kit because key is lost or ECU is faulty, we are always happy to help you to find correct part and try our best to find solution to your problem as we understand  that it is not an easy task.
The quality of driving improves when the interior is nice, clean and generally good-looking. In our offer many good sets of strips in various patterns are advertised! If you want to change or upgrade your steering wheel, please check  our steering wheels offer with new leather in various options.


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